Physical Theatre Project


“Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can” Martha Graham

Open call for non-professional and professional artists (dancers, actors, poets, painters, musicians, etc) as well as for beginners who would like to join in a week of performance workshops culminating in a full production at Die Backerei Culture Center.

The concept of the project “THROUGH” is “Here and Now” and very spontaneous; workshop participants will improvise with a clear score during the performance.

There is small fee for participation.

We will all work together closely on physical theatre tools, contemporary dance improvisation, contact improvisation daily (detailed schedule is below). We will learn how and when to use voice during theatrical improvisation; where are the strongest spots on the stage; we will learn some dance patterns which will be useful during performance.

BMC (Body mind Centering), flying low, contact improvisation, axis syllabus, mime (working with objects) and poetry.

We will reveal the philosophy of the project as we rehearse the piece: We will look at the life’s obstacles and how we humans struggle THROUGH them. What is the impact of our choice? Uncovering lies and truth is a big part of this workshop. Humans blurr and smash their own truth, playing the game of “who am I?” every single day. In the project “THROUGH”, we will discuss and dance about things that touch and bother us. Be ready to bring your drama and humour together onto the stage and if you have something to share with the public - go on!

The essence of what the group discovers during the workshop will produce a performance based on improvisation.

If you have never tried performing - it’s your chance. We are open to the possibility of bringing people together with different dance experiences. If you are a professional artist or a beginner - our doors are open to you.

A method of creation is improvisation - every participant will have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. We are here to support and guide you.

...see you there

Facilitators and tutors:

Production - Tamara Maksymenko
Facilitator - Lukasz Czapski (professional dancer)

Tamara Maksymenko
Tamara Maksymenko is a professional dancer, choreographer and a teacher of contact improvisation and contemporary dance for 13 years already. She has been teaching many workshops all over the world (Poland, Spain, Israel, Austria, Italy, Greece, Finland, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Bulgary, Sweden, Portugal, France). She is the founder of Motion Mode Dance Theatre (MMDT) and the creator of the DNAture, FEMMINILE, 6th DAY, The MIRROR, La Loba projects on the MMDT base. Organizer of Evenings of Improvisation around all over the world.
26 years of dance experience (since the early age of 4). She got medical education in body therapy and sociology at Dnipropetrovsk National University and trained at the Physical Theatre in Intragna (Switzerland) with Thomas Mattler http://www.keep-searching.ch/about.html
Now Tamara is a member of Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform Association and she is a member of OFFTANZ Tirol Association (Austria), collaborating with “Love to Dance” (Kirchbichl in Tirol), and the main organizer of Solo & CI Tirol Festival. www.mmdt.at

Łukasz Czapski
Łukasz started to dance Breakdance in 1999 and a few years later formed the crew "Cats Claw" with which he traveled in Poland, the United States, France, Great Britain, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Germany, entering and winning competitions. He got involved with the theater in my hometown Siedlce in Poland where he went on to perform and teach. After finishing my Master's degree in Cultural Management he went to Austria to study contemporary dance at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz.
He danced professionally in works such as Jianan Qu's "Food projects better than emotions" in Linz; in Hygin Delimat's "Architektur + tanz" at AFO Architekturforum in Linz and "B-team" in Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Luxemburg, El Salvador; in SILK Fluegge Company's "Leader" in Linz, in Caro Dance Theater's "The Room" in Poland; in Eine Nacht in Venedig im Landestheater Linz and "When you Fall" by Akos Hargitay in Linz.
He co-choreographed and performed "We can't stop the river" and "How I see you" with Alina Bertha at Lange nach der Bühnen 2017 and 2018 as well as at Tanzhafen Festival 2017.

Physical theatre project

Total time: more then 24 hours of workshops

Dates: April, 7 - April, 12; 2021

Rehearsing address:

Andreas Hofer Strasse 13.
6020 Innsbruck
Österreich / Austria

April, 12

Dreiheiligenstraße 21a
Participant’s cost: 250 euro

You will receive: 24 hours of workshops; possibility to perform with professional artists; completely done media production; as well as photo and video from the event. And the most important thing this project gives you the possibility to explore and express your thoughts.

Amount of participants: 10 only

Age: 20 - 90 years old

Foreigner: Project requires your presence in Tirol Land during the whole period, from April 7—12 2021. We can help you to find accomodation or ask locals to host you. Ask please for this in the registration form “message” field.

Registration for participation is OBLIGATORY:
and require 50 % of prepayment to:
IBAN AT812050303302468446 - TAMARA MAKSYMENKO

The project can be postponed in the circumstances of CORONA- regulations. In this case all participants will be informed and if the new dates are not appropriate for you, the fee you paid will be returned.

Premier Performance:
April, 12, 20:00 - Die Bäckerei
Kulturbackstube / Innsbruck

P.S. The address of rehearsal space and timetable could be adapted in a bit different way during next month. All registered participants will receive info about it.

All the best, and see you in April,
Tamara and Lukasz