Motion Mode Dance Theatre

Photo by Eugene Hill

MMDT was born in 2015 with Tamara’s project FEMMINILE. The mean idea of the theatre was to have a platform and the possibility to create a different kind of art.

“Motion Mode Dance Theatre” is a collaboration of freelance dancers, musicians, circus performers from different countries.
“Motion Mode Dance Theatre” are free-thinking professional artists. The main goal of the artists is developing performative art and realize it in life.
MMDT collaborates with other artistic companies, associations, theatres, art-directors.
The founder of the theater is Tamara Maksymenko.

Short BIO of Tamara Maksymenko

Tamara Maksymenko is a professional dancer, choreographer and a teacher of contact improvisation and contemporary dance for 13 years already. She has been teaching many workshops all over the world (Poland, Spain, Israel, Austria, Italy, Greece, Finland, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Bulgary, Sweden, Portugal, France, Turkey). She is the founder of Motion Mode Dance Theatre (MMDT) and the creator of the DNAture, FEMMINILE, 6th DAY, The MIRROR, La Loba projects on the MMDT base. Organizer of Evenings of Improvisation around all over the world.
26 years of dance experience (since the early age of 4). She got medical education in body therapy and sociology at Dnipropetrovsk National University and trained at the Physical Theatre in Intragna (Switzerland) with Thomas Mattler
Now Tamara is a member of Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform Association and she is a member of OFFTANZ Tirol Association (Austria), collaborating with “Love to Dance” (Kirchbichl in Tirol), and the main organizer of Solo & CI Tirol Festival.