Photo by Dimitri Baret

Motion Mode of Dialogue in Tirol - Association of visual and performative art

Dear Culture Enthusiasts,
We extend a warm invitation for you to become a valued member of our Tyrol Culture Association "Motion Mode of Dialogue in Tyrol" – your passport to a world of rich traditions, vibrant performances, and a community that celebrates the essence of Tyrolean heritage.

Why Join Us?

✨ Promote Your Event/Art:
As a member, you gain exclusive access to our extensive social network and mailing list. Share your cultural events, exhibitions, or artistic endeavors with a community that appreciates and supports the diversity of Tyrolean expressions. Amplify your voice and reach a wider audience through our well-established channels.
✨ Discounts for All Events: Enjoy a 15% discount on tickets for all our captivating events, including dance festivals, exhibitions, and performances. Your membership not only connects you with the heart of Tyrolean culture but also grants you special privileges to immerse yourself in the magic of our vibrant gatherings.

✨ Support new artistic association: Supporting a newborn artistic association has economic ripple effects. It creates job opportunities within the creative sector, stimulates local economies, and adds cultural value to the community. The association, with financial backing, can also contribute to tourism and cultural tourism initiatives, further benefiting the local economy

Membership 1 - Cultural Enthusiast:

  • Enjoy a 15% discount on all association activities.
  • Immerse yourself in a vibrant cultural community.

Membership 2 - Professional Artist:

  • Access a 15% discount on all events.
  • Showcase your art project through our website, social networks, and mailing lists.

Tax and transaction fee + 2 euros