Dear participants, the team of CI Tyrol Festival decided to change the official place of living - camping place, because of too unpredictable weather this year. Recently it was only 14 degrees during the day, under the sun and only two days before it was up to 30... We decided that nothing is worth to get sick. At the same moment, these changes bring us more free time during the day, because of no way to the dancing place and then back again to the camping. We propose to all of the participants to live, to dance, to eat together in the center of Innsbruck - Street Motion Studio (Viaduktbögen 7-10, 6020 Innsbruck, Österreich). We have three big rooms, shower, toilet, a kind of coffee machine (fridge), fridge, entrance room with sofa and chairs, dressing rooms where you can put all your stuff, we have a courtyard for parking and with a small chill zone. Your important things will be in safety. There is warm, cozy and super useful. We don't have there washing machine, but in Innsbruck center, we have some laundries with very available prices and close to Street Motion Studio. Teachers, organizers, and musicians will live in the same place (in different rooms). As well, we have there folding screens to divide a bit more space. So, please, take your sleeping bag and mat if you have, and you are very and very welcome in Street Motion Studio.

How to get

To reach Tyrol land by plane from different parts of the world is much better through Munich or Memmingen (Ryanair, Wizzair... Low-cost airlines) then you can take a FlixBus to get to Innsbruck (all prices you can find on the internet on the websites of transport companies. Also, we would suggest to consider Blablacar. Munich - Innsbruck, Vienna - Innsbruck, those two are very popular directions. Definitely, you will find something.) From HBf (main railway station) and from Flix Bus station you can walk to Street Motion Studio by foot. From HBF - it's approximately 8 min, from flix bus is more. Please download the map before (if you'll lose mobile connection) and just follow strait there - Viaduktbögen 7-10, 6020 Innsbruck, Österreich.

The team of CI Tyrol Fest is excited to meet all

Dancing space — Viaduktbogen 7-10, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria: