Dear participants, we offer you a few possibilities to pay. As fast as you will register will help us to organize everything in the best way that's why the earliest registration is the cheapest.

The second opportunity you will have is to be a helper at our festival, which gives you a good discount. You will be part of the organizational process and will be responsible for several tasks.

The third opportunity will be for painters, sculptor or any kind of handmade craftsman. If you would like to sale/share your art or skills at our festival you will receive a 10% discount for participation!


21st-27th of July! whole week!
Living in tent/full participation in WS, jams/food is included till July, 10th - 340 euro
from July, 10th - 390 euro
For helpers! Attention! For today we are done. In case you have lack of possibilities and a huge desire to dance, write about it,please, via mail
till July, 10th - 210 euro
from July, 10th - 260 euro

We hope to see you at the CI Tyrol Festival 21st-27th of July, 2019!!!
You are welcome to register below.

In case of changing mind to participate after registration, 50% of the prepayment will not come back. Your prepayment is proof for the festival to be realized. Please, respect the organization process.

With best regards, the team of CI Tyrol Festival