Dance-Theatre project

"Hindurch" is a dance-theatre project where a Ukrainian Woman speaks up about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, also touching her personal life and showing who we are now with separation, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and anger.

This is a powerful and stirring dance and physical theatre project. It is a personal and political statement about history repeating and mirroring a whole country's suffering.

Some of the reflections won't be nice or sweet: This piece is not for children and people with vulnerable perception. The project challenges the public to be honest and to see clearly today's tragedy.

You'll meet a young girl who woke up one day being an old woman, because the war has knocked on her door - or rather crashed the The whole house down.

The wound of the Russian aggression toward Ukrainian civilians is bleeding...

"Hindurch" speaks about the heaviest of times, when the DARKNESS comes out. It's hard not to lose yourself and stay with hope or keep alive a piece of love in one’s heart. And yet - this is the aim of us, as human beings, to find the strength to transform pain, loss, and sorrow into hope. How to let the light shine through the darkness in and around you?

Can a dance piece heal people's grief - or can we at least „talk“ about the war through art of dance?

The public will have a chance to talk to the artists after the performance. Discussion is held by Thomas Mettler and Tamara Maksymenko, which will be about the real situation in Ukraine and how people (also women & dancers, artists, poets) fight and survive for freedom right now. You are welcome to ask your burning question too.

Duration: 50 min. plus
Dancer: Tamara Maksymenko (Ukraine)
Director: Thomas Mettler (Switzerland)
Music: Laurie Anderson, Sophie Zelmani, DakhaBrakha, Lilly Palmer
Voice: Olha Bescherstnaya (Ukraine)

Preshowing: June 25th, Innsbruck: hindurch-dance-theater-performance-pre-showing

If you would like to support this project, welcome on the crowdfunding source: hindurch-dance-theatre-project