We are thrilled to announce our fifth annual "Solo & CI Tirol Festival" which will traditionally take place in Austria.
This festival is created for people who would like to practice contact improvisation, contemporary dance, meet people, and talk about art. We also believe that our mission is to maintain and strengthen the physical and mental health of our community which becomes vital as never before.
The "Solo & CI Tirol Festival" is a safe space for you, your friends, and your family, where you will have a chance to get acquainted with contact improvisation and contemporary dance, as well as to take part in daily jams. Spectacular Tirolean landscapes with their impressive mountain ridges, virgin forests, and pure untouchable nature provide perfect environment to recharge your batteries and find new meanings and directions.
We share one great passion: contact improvisation. However, in recent years, we feel that contact improvisation has stalled in its development. We want to keep the original purpose of contact improvisation, which is - EXPLORATION. Therefore, this year we offer a wide range of diverse activities and perspectives to enrich your dance and also look at contact improvisation from a new angle.

The history of Contact Improvisation is rooted in the antiwar movement. CI was developed through and performed during massive protests against the American War in Vietnam. Relying on this long-term political tradition, Solo & CI Tirol Festival 2023 will address the topic of the current war in Ukraine from artistic and social perspectives. Enriched by workshops, lectures, and public talks with artists from Ukraine, the festival aims to create a container for reflection, discussion, and exercise of anti-war practices.