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Tamara Maksymenko. (Ukraine - Austria)

Tamara Maksymenko is a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher of contact improvisation and contemporary dance for 17 years already. She has been teaching many workshops all over the world (Poland, Spain, Israel, Austria, Italy, Greece, Finland, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Bulgary, Sweden, Portugal, France, and Turkey). She is the founder of Motion Mode Dance Theatre (MMDT) and the creator of many dance projects.
28 years of dance experience (since the early age of 4). She got medical education in body therapy and sociology at Dnipropetrovsk National University and trained at the Physical Theatre in Intragna (Switzerland) with Thomas Mattler.
Now Tamara is a member of the Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform Association and she is a member of OFFTANZ Tirol Association (Austria). The founder of "Solo & CI Tirol Festival" and "West meets East".

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Whatsapp: +4367763027506

Sasha Portyannikova

dance artist, choreographer, and teacher

Graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy (MA’2013), cofounded dance cooperative Isadorino Gore with Dasha Plokhova in 2012, became Fulbright Visiting Scholar in 2018, and danceWeber in 2019.
Participated in international scholarship programs with residences in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Spain, and the USA. Cooperated with Amnesty International, Goethe Institute, V-A-C Foundation, ZKM, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and others.
Sasha creates dances, curates projects, and teaches dance in Academia and primary school. She considers dance as a cultural, social, political, and research practice.

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Lucilla Patrizi

She finished her biology study in 2017 but has been drawing since always. She is a quick drawer and a long-term observer, the aesthetic of what already exists and the power of biological processes in nature fascinate her. She is not a magician, She is not inventing new stuff. She tries to make hidden structures visible as sketches or words on paper, sculptures, or paintings.

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