Dance-Theatre project

Pre-showing/Vienna 19th of October 2022

"Hindurch" is a dance-theatre project where a Ukrainian Woman speaks up about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, also touching her personal life and showing who we are now with separation, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and anger.
It is a personal and political statement about history repeating and mirroring a whole country's suffering.
The project challenges the public to be honest and to see clearly today's tragedy.
How to let the light shine through the darkness in and around you?
Can a dance piece heal people's grief - or can we at least „talk“ about the war through the art of dance?
iThe public will have a chance to talk to the artists after the performance. Discussion is held by Tamara Maksymenko and a team of the project, which will be about the real situation in Ukraine and how people (also women & dancers, artists, and poets) fight and survive for freedom right now. You are welcome to ask your burning question too.

Duration: 55 min. plus
Dancer: Tamara Maksymenko (Ukraine)
Director: Thomas Mettler (Switzerland)
Music: Laurie Anderson, Sophie Zelmani, DakhaBrakha, Lilly Palmer

Full information you can get here: https://mmdt.at/Hindurch

Where: Das LOT / Vienna
Address: Absberggasse 31, 1100 Wien / Österreich
When: October 19, 2022, at 19:00
Age limit: 14+
How much: 10/15/20 €

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Contemporary Dance Workshop with Tamara Maksymenko

Das Lot 17:30 - 19:00

Contemporary dance is a diver discipline where each choreographer has his/her own style and approach.
This time we will build a connection between movements of finger-tips and toes, combining with crown and coccyx isolated movements. A big part of the class will be based on solo improvisation founded on some particular patterns. The goal we chase during this workshop is to isolate several limbs at once.
Softness, fluidity, flexibility VS strength, fixations, muscle work.

This Workshop is appropriate for all levels except "you very first time dancing".
Age limitation is 11-85 years old.

Partnering (Contact Dance) Workshop with Tamara Maksymenko

Das Lot 18:00-20:00

Every dance which is based on physical touch between dancers expands the horizons of capability and brings a more complicated movement system.
In contact dance, we face such things as "trust" in the partner, and our inner voice becomes louder with many other inappropriate thoughts which disturb the DANCE.
During this workshop, we will not trust the partner, but we will learn to trust only ourselves.
"I do not trust people too much, but I'm not afraid to dance with them, because I am confident in myself" - Tamara Maksymenko.
We will learn to fall correctly, to support, to hook but not to grab and to hold; to be soft with each other and strong. Using the connection between fingers and toes as well as the coccyx and crown would help us a lot to learn fearless liftings. Clear patterns will transform into a free contact dance at the end of the class.

This workshop is useful to visit after the Contemporary Dance class, as all partnering starts first with yourself. If there is no chance to get into the Contemporary class - you are welcome on the partnering part.
This Workshop is appropriate for all levels except the "beginners".

Age limitation is 15-85 years old.

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